Through my art practice, I wish to give the audience the opportunity to step back and think about upsetting situations one could not face as easily in reality.       

Dealing with distressing topics ranging from physical illness to domestic violence, mental disorders, injuries, traumas, separation, aging, aban-donment or death, my work is representational and aims at finding « appropriate » ways to tackle subjects that are least affable, if not tabooed.      

The researches I conducted over the past few years enabled me to carefully reflect upon the representation of distressing events. Driving assumptions from different fields (Psychology, Literature and Art History) as well as from daily observations, ever since then, I have been looking for artistic processes which could enable me to address sensible subject matters in the least confrontational ways possible.     


Using drawings, sculptures and installations, I create a microcosm inhabi-ted by children, toys and animal characters who go through a wide range of difficult experiences, more or less discreetly. Employing games, staged scenes, disguises, humour and metaphors, I am constantly trying to create images and narratives that tackle sensible concerns while transforming, softening and toning them down. In this way, I wish to give food for thought without assaulting the viewer, raise awareness and generate discussions on issues I care about.        

In accordance with the topics I choose to tackle, my realizations always result from processes within which investment, attention, and care are of great importance.

Aurélie Poux